Verify that Docker is installed on my macOS machine?

nick asked this question 28 days ago
nick 28 days ago

My Macbook Pro is running Monterey 12.3.

How can I verify if Docker is installed on my machine? Can this be done using the command line/terminal?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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coderguy 9 days ago

You can always just execute the docker command in your terminal.

If docker is installed on your machine, it should output all of its commands:

Usage:  docker [OPTIONS] COMMAND

A self-sufficient runtime for containers

      --config string      Location of client config files (default "/Users/nickmajor/.docker")
  -c, --context string     Name of the context to use to connect to the daemon (overrides DOCKER_HOST env var and default context set with "docker context use")
  -D, --debug              Enable debug mode
  -H, --host list          Daemon socket(s) to connect to
  -l, --log-level string   Set the logging level ("debug"|"info"|"warn"|"error"|"fatal") (default "info")
      --tls                Use TLS; implied by --tlsverify
      --tlscacert string   Trust certs signed only by this CA (default "/Users/nickmajor/.docker/ca.pem")
      --tlscert string     Path to TLS certificate file (default "/Users/nickmajor/.docker/cert.pem")
      --tlskey string      Path to TLS key file (default "/Users/nickmajor/.docker/key.pem")
      --tlsverify          Use TLS and verify the remote
  -v, --version            Print version information and quit

. . .

If not, the output will contain an error similar to this:

-bash: docker: command not found
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moon_man41 9 days ago

Execute this command to get the version of docker on your machine:

docker --version

If docker is installed to your machine, it should output a version number like this:

Docker version 20.10.14, build a224086
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rusty1_rusty1 9 days ago

The which command should work for this:

which docker

If docker is installed on you machine, it should output the path to the executive:

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timmy123 9 days ago · Edited

Open the Finder file explorer GUI and open the Applications directory.

You should see Docker in that list of applications installed for your MacOS machine.

MacOS App Finder Screen Shot

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