Have Google exclude Pinterest from search results?

nick asked this question 8 months ago
nick on Mar 21

How can tell Google to not include any results that belong to Pinterest?

They suck. And I don't want them to show up in my search results.

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rusty1_rusty1 on Mar 21

Add this to the beginning or end of your search query:


This removes any search results from domains that contain "pinterest".

For example, your search query would look like this:

custom door frames -site:pinterest.*
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coderguy on Mar 21

Exclude the Pinterest domain from search results:


Exclude any results that contain "pinterest" in the page:

- pinterest
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softwareguy411 on Mar 21

Add -site:example.com to your search query string. That will exclude any results from example.com.

So, do this for Pinterest:

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