Have Google exclude Pinterest from search results?

nick asked this question 10 months ago
nick on Mar 21, 2022

How can tell Google to not include any results that belong to Pinterest?

They suck. And I don't want them to show up in my search results.

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softwareguy411 on Mar 21, 2022

Add -site:example.com to your search query string. That will exclude any results from example.com.

So, do this for Pinterest:

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coderguy on Mar 21, 2022

Exclude the Pinterest domain from search results:


Exclude any results that contain "pinterest" in the page:

- pinterest
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rusty1_rusty1 on Mar 21, 2022

Add this to the beginning or end of your search query:


This removes any search results from domains that contain "pinterest".

For example, your search query would look like this:

custom door frames -site:pinterest.*
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