Install Node.js on a Ubuntu machine using Nvm?

rusty1_rusty1 asked this question 1 year, 3 months ago
rusty1_rusty1 on Feb 15, 2022

My machine runs the Ubuntu operating system.

How do I install Node.js using Node.js Version Manager (Nvm)?

Thanks in advance!

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timmy123 on Mar 14, 2022 · Edited

Open a new terminal window on your machine (CTRL+ALT+T keyboard shortcut).

Then run the script to install Nvm:

curl -o- | bash

When that's done, verify that it was installed correctly:

nvm --version

That should output a version number.

Then, you can install the latest version of Node.js:

nvm install node

When the installation process is complete, test to make sure Node.js was installed correctly:

node --version

You can read more on their GitHub page:

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softwareguy411 on Mar 14, 2022

Nvm provides a good guide in their documentation:

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