Get a list of all the available curl options?

nick asked this question 15 days ago
nick 15 days ago

Where can I find a full list of all the command line options I can use when using curl? Ideally, the list would include a brief explanation of what the option does.

I looked in their documentation and couldn't find a list!

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yaboy01 15 days ago

Use the --help command in your terminal:

curl --help

This will print out a full list of options you can use with curl:

Usage: curl [options...] <url>
Options: (H) means HTTP/HTTPS only, (F) means FTP only
     --anyauth       Pick "any" authentication method (H)
 -a, --append        Append to target file when uploading (F/SFTP)
     --basic         Use HTTP Basic Authentication (H)
     --cacert FILE   CA certificate to verify peer against (SSL)
     --capath DIR    CA directory to verify peer against (SSL)
 -E, --cert CERT[:PASSWD]  Client certificate file and password (SSL)
     --cert-status   Verify the status of the server certificate (SSL)
     --cert-type TYPE  Certificate file type (DER/PEM/ENG) (SSL)
     --ciphers LIST  SSL ciphers to use (SSL)
     --compressed    Request compressed response (using deflate or gzip)
 -K, --config FILE   Read config from FILE
     --connect-timeout SECONDS  Maximum time allowed for connection

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itsbambi 15 days ago

Execute this command in your terminal to print out all the options:

curl -h
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