Enable CORS for all requests from a certain domain in Express.js/Node.js application?

nick asked this question 1 year, 9 months ago
nick on Jan 4, 2022 · Edited

In my Express.js/Node.js application, how can I enable CORS request from any URLs from a given domain name?

My current CORS configuration:

app.use(cors({origin: "MY_URL"}))

I'm using the cors NPM package to configure CORS settings for my application.

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itsbambi on Jan 12, 2022

Update your origin setting to this:

  origin: /domain\.com$/

This would configure your Access-Control-Allow-Origin CORS header for any request with the domain.com domain.

So, requests from api.domain.com, assets.domain.com, etc. would work.

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yaboy01 on Jan 12, 2022

You can use a regular expression:

origin: /my_domain\.com$/

Or you can also create an array of accepted URLs:

origin: ["https://my_url.com", "https://my_url_2.com", "https://my_url_3.com"]
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